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IHI Southwest Technologies, Inc. (IHI)

IHI provides quality NDE and Engineering services to the power, petroleum, chemical, and wind industries around the world.  IHI’s staff consists of qualified, experienced engineering and NDE personnel.  All of IHI’s NDE examiners are trained, qualified, and certified in the appropriate methods and on the applicable equipment in accordance with IHI procedures and client specific guidelines.  IHI maintains a full-time staff of NDE examiners, which allows us to maintain the level of quality and productivity vital to the success and cost-effectiveness of our programs at plants around the world. In addition to the NDE Services, IHI provides NDE Training, Inspection Planning, CNC Machining, Nuclear Decontamination, Precision Cutting and Industrial Cleaning Solutions.

The IHI Global Team:

IHI Corporation of Japan (IHI Corp.) was established in 1853 and maintains 17 branches and sales offices in Japan, over 259 subsidiaries across the world and 15 offices in USA. With over 27,000 employees comprising the IHI team; IHI has positioned itself as an industrial technological leader throughout the world. IHI has expanded its business into various fields over the years, beginning with shipbuilding, then employing its expertise in mechanical engineering to develop and manufacture machinery for use on land and subsequently, extending its operations into the aerospace industry.

With the support of industry, IHI Corp. has opened the way to a new era. As we enter this new era, which will require an increasingly dynamic change achieved through innovative thinking, IHI is striving to improve its brand value by uniting the IHI Global team into a unified whole. The unique value that IHI offers is an ability to move quickly in shaping the future with fresh and unrestrictive thinking. Through successive eras, IHI has introduced fresh ideas that have astonished society by carefully honing precision technologies that have given shape to one high-quality product after another. The unchanging source of its strength is an indomitable and challenging spirit. IHI will continue to respond to the concerns of every customer with its flexible engineering capabilities and

Here at IHI Southwest Technologies, we take pride and ownership in our work:


IHI will look ahead in order to understand the trends and forces that will shape our business in the future and to move swiftly to prepare for what’s to come. IHI will be ready for tomorrow today. IHI will become the premier service provider for NDE services for multiple industries by providing the most advanced technical solutions.


The mission of IHI is to serve industry, government, and the public at-large through the conduct of engineering services, primarily nondestructive examination services to a wide range of industries, primarily focused on the nuclear sector. Our services must help customers worldwide manage their assets in the most efficient manner possible and meet the regulatory requirements within their industry.


IHI’s staff shall be responsible to execute their duties by using the following values as their guide:

  • Leadership
  • Work Intelligently
  • Integrity
  • Focus on the Market
  • Accountability
  • Act like Owners
  • Passion
  • Be the IHI Brand
  • Quality

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