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“Meet the Tank Inspector” an article published on the April 2015 edition in Nuclear Engineering International Magazine


SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS – April, 2015 – Historically, plant managers used divers to inspect water storage tanks or drained the tanks and sent personnel in to conduct manual surveyks and perform non-destructive examinations (NDE).  Read More

 Major U.S. Nuclear Plant Launches NEI 09-14 Compliance With Highly Accurate Robotic Condensate Tank Inspection

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS – January 20, 2015
– Plant management at a major U.S. nuclear generating station recently made substantial progress toward fulfilling the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) NEI 09-14 industry-wide requirement for the inspection … Read More

NitroCision, LLC Becomes Part of IHI Corporation

It is our pleasure to announce that on 01 July 2013, IHI Southwest Technologies, Inc. acquired Nitrocision LLC. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of IHI Southwest Technologies, Nitrocision has also become a part of the highly technical and diversified IHI Group. Nitrocision provides a unique and proven… Read More