About Us


IHI Southwest Technologies has formed strategic partnerships with other companies in order to better serve the demands of our clients with state of the art turnkey solutions.

UCC is proud to join this strategic alliance of companies which will enhance overall services to all of our clients.  For nearly 50 years, Underwater Construction Corporation (UCC) has grown to become the leading global provider of Nuclear Diving Services for commercial and government facilities.  Each year, UCC is consistently awarded more than 90% of all nuclear radiological diving contracts worldwide.  With their global response capabilities, UCC’s 230+ member dive teams deliver on decades’ worth of nuclear experience along with a myriad of safe, economical and efficient underwater services.  UCC’s commercial diving and underwater solutions include ASME IX & XI certified underwater welding, advanced DBA certified protective coating solutions, plasma cutting services and nondestructive examinations supported by their 10CFR 50 Appendix B Quality Program to name a few.  UCC is also one of the largest domestic providers of general commercial diving service, for non-nuclear projects, to the power, commercial and governmental sectors.

SAEAN Engineering Corp is a Korean Company offering
Nondestructive Examinations, Radiation Management
Services, Radiation Management Agency Services, Radiology
& Radioactivity Calibration Services, Inspection & Maintenance of Plant.


Barrnon’s principal objective is to offer world class nuclear decommissioning equipment. Trading for 9 years we currently supply a patented range of equipment and robotics that includes BladeCuttertm, a sludge removal system for the most challenging environments.Barrnon’s equipment enables decontamination of high hazard areas using innovative collection, cutting, cleaning methods integrated into ROV and robotic systems. Tackling challenging work environments, developing bespoke solutions from proven technologies, not frightened to challenge convention.