Engineering Solutions

Mechanical Engineering
Our mechanical engineers have a high level of experience building custom robotics. Being often confronted by unique size constraints and mechanically-complex requirements, IHI’s mechanical engineers have learned to think outside the box and are able to quickly create high-quality, innovative solutions. In order to develop the best solutions possible, IHI’s engineers are heavily involved in every aspect of the design process, from concept to manufacturing.

Electrical Engineering
From designing embedded control systems to integrating off the shelf components, IHI’s electrical engineers possess a broad range of skill sets. Having designed the majority of IHI’s robotic control systems, IHI’s electrical engineers are capable of developing high-quality electrical components, including robotic control modules and embedded systems solutions. They are heavily involved in every step of the design process, from concept to PCB assembly.

Software Engineering
We write the majority of their own software for both NDE testing and internal use. IHI’s software team is comprised of seasoned .NET developers who are experienced in a wide range of technologies, including data acquisition, data analysis, databases, and user interfaces.