Engineering Solutions

Turn-Key Solutions

Being often confronted with challenging tasks, IHISwT’s engineers have learned to think outside the box. IHISwT’s engineers are experienced in creating custom turn-key solutions for a wide variety of projects.

In general, the design process is performed in the following order:

  • Initial Consultation to discuss project needs
  • Engineers design conceptual solutions
  • Meet with client to discuss engineered options
  • Engineers design all components in the solution
  • Components are fabricated and assembled
  • Mock-ups are designed and built
  • Mock-up tests are run
  • Modifications, if needed, are designed and implemented
  • Product is delivered to client
  • On-site training is provided

Typical project deliverables include:

  • Robotic Vehicles
  • Robotic Control System
  • Spare Parts
  • On-Site Training
  • Training Materials
  • Documentation
  • Detailed Drawings

IHISwT stands behind every product they build. That’s why they provide the following support services:

  • Modifications for new challenges that may arise
  • Robotic Maintenance Program
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