Industrial NDE

Providing world class non-destructive testing services to the industrial sector. Whether it is a pipe, chain, bolts, heat exchangers or tanks we can support your needs. Whether you are looking for a standard inspection solution or require something new please contact us today regarding your industrial NDT needs.


IHI’s turbine blade UT examination experience combined with the application of state of the art Phased Array Ultrasonic (PAUT) systems can be used to provide a custom examination program by utilizing a 3-D design environment to develop optimum PAUT inspection solutions. We generate 3-D models of the turbine blade components, varying geometries, and flaw characteristics.

PAUT beams are then inserted into the 3-D program and simulations then provide the ideal solution path(s), for field applications by using state-of-the-art dedicated industrial design turbine blade scanners, combined with our custom applications, we provide the optimal PAUT probe delivery system, customized for the specific turbine configuration. As a result, inspection solutions are optimized to maximize inspection accuracy, inspection coverage, and efficiency.

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