IHI Southwest Technologies has a long history in NDE services for all kinds of Energy and Industrial applications. IHISwT is equipped to perform automated and manual NDE services for a wide variety of plant components regardless of setting.

Petrochemical Services

IHI Southwest Technologies provides a complete range of NDE services for the petrochemical industry. Services include: manual and automated Phased Array UT, Radiography, magnetic particle/liquid penetrant, visual and guided wave examinations. IHISwT provides NDE Training for your personnel at our facility or at a convenient location for the customer.

IHISwT can provide a complete program of products such as power boilers, industrial compressors, LNG facilities, dock loading and unloading equipment and more (see equipment sales).

Some other typical inspections include:

  • Rapid screening of heat exchangers and boilers with guided wave UT
  • Screening of heat exchangers and boilers with IRIS
  • Manual and automated phased array inspection of welds and check valves
  • Rapid Real time scanning of insulated pipe lengths with radiography
  • Screening and permanent monitoring of insulated pipe, soil to air transitions, cased pipe, pipe crossings with guided wave UT
  • Direct and remote visual inspections
    Inspection of turbines
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