IHI Southwest Technologies has a long history in NDE services for all kinds of Energy and Industrial applications. IHISwT is equipped to perform automated and manual NDE services for a wide variety of plant components regardless of setting.

Wind Energy

IHI Southwest Technologies, Inc. provides an array of inspection services on wind power turbines which face deterioration due to several factors including: excessive stress to the attachment points, exposure to the elements, and blade fatigue resulting in cracks. Wind turbine blades are susceptible to conventional manufacturing flaws. IHI’s qualified NDE experts can identify potential blade issues in problematic areas using proven methods in susceptible areas such as:

  • The attachment bolts and surrounding areas
  • Previously repaired areas
  • The blade span
  • The tower body

IHI provides many NDE solutions for in-service and pre-service wind turbine inspections including:

  • Remote visual examinations
  • Shearography
  • Computed and digital radiography
  • Ultrasonic examinations

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