Nuclear NDE

IHI Southwest Technologies has a long history in NDE services for the nuclear industry. IHI is equipped to perform an array of automated and manual NDE services for a variety of nuclear power plant components.


Our threads In Flange (TIF) Scanner System is used to ultrasonically examine reactor pressure vessel (RPV) flange threads from the flange surface. It is the only automated ligament examination system on the market which offers the versatility of a manually deployable application.

The TIF Scanner System’s open-faced design easily maneuvers onto and around a guide pin or stud hole plug.

The TIF Scanner System can accommodate either large or small diameter stud holes. In addition, the adaptive TIF Scanner System can easily be tailored to mate up to any flange architecture.

Utilizing the TIF Scanner System eliminates and reduces these worker safety concerns by having no vessel head suspension and no pool floor area entries. The TIF Scanner System requires a small operating crew and no crane support. This equates to outage cost savings.

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