Nuclear NDE

IHI Southwest Technologies has a long history in NDE services for the nuclear industry. IHI is equipped to perform an array of automated and manual NDE services for a variety of nuclear power plant components.


The Steam Dryer Lifting Rod scanner is a manually deployable X-Y scanner. Vertical scanning is accomplished by manually manipulating the mechanism along the length axis of the rod and incrementing circumferentially around the rod by turning a pole coupled to the scanner driveshaft using a degree scale inscribed onto the tool. Azimuth reference location is accomplished using a fixed/known location on the Steam Dryer Lifting Rod.

The complete scanning system includes the scanner, and the Tomoscan III acquisition system. The integration of these system parts provides enhanced precision and examination coverage while offering increased reliability, ease of handling and maintenance. The steam dryer lifting rods are ultrasonically examined utilizing our qualified procedure.

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