Nuclear NDE

IHI Southwest Technologies has a long history in NDE services for the nuclear industry. IHI is equipped to perform an array of automated and manual NDE services for a variety of nuclear power plant components.

Valve Diagnostics

We provide inspection and valve diagnostics services focused on a variety of valve configurations in the nuclear and industrial industries.

PASS Visualization Software
Our PASS Visualization software provides an easy to use, complete solution for Phased Array UT (PAUT) data analysis. The software is designed to translate raw PAUT data into a dynamic simulation of valve operation during testing.

By providing a simple way to interpret field PAUT data with a visual representation of the valve as a 3D model; engineers with minimum PAUT knowledge can easily visualize performance characteristics and can perform an analysis based on the visual translation of the PAUT data.

In addition to providing an accurate simulation of a field test, a database with detailed trend-able attributes is used to track valve performance over multiple inspections, allowing critical decisions to be made regarding operability and predictive maintenance. This can result in mitigating unnecessary valve disassembly, thus providing significant cost savings.

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